VPS Remembers a Visionary and Trailblazer in the Auto Industry: James Wood


In remembrance of a visionary and fiercely loyal friend.

James Wood’s handshake and word were his trustworthy and integral bond, and he believed in us during a critical time in our business.  In the very early 2000’s, Mr. Wood contracted us to provide hail protection for his massive auto dealerships in Decatur & Denton, TX.  These two installations remain amongst the largest projects in the history of our company.

Mr. Wood was a great man with a fantastic sense of humor who loved people from all walks of life.  He was more than a customer to us, and we are proud to consider him a great friend of our Company.  We look back on our long relationship with Mr. Wood with great pride, respect, and gratitude.  He was a giant in his community and will be missed by all who knew him.  Rest In Peace, James.