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Cantilever Structures for Hail Protection and More

In the world of vehicle protection, no name is as trusted as VPS. For more than 26 years, VPS has led the industry in the production of innovative, fabric-based structures, especially those that shield automobiles against hail damage in commercial parking settings. Our cantilevered structures are ideal for properties where unimpeded movement of vehicles and people are important. Available in a wide range of roof designs, our cantilevered structures provide our clients with the opportunity to achieve the visual aesthetic most appropriate for their property. This kind of high-quality design also helps businesses prevent catastrophic losses due to hail and offers heat and UV protection that can guard your assets against damage.

Characteristics of Cantilever Structures

Available in a wide variety of designs, our cantilever structures have fewer columns, which helps project construction move faster than that of a multi-column design. Cantilevered structures can also be designed and fabricated to accept internal wiring, with further options to mount light fixtures, surveillance cameras, and additional features.

When you choose to work with VPS, our team designs and delivers a project that fits your specialized needs. Examples of our cantilever structures include:

  • Heritage: Considered to be one of our most widely installed cantilever structures.
  • Panorama: Created with an elegant design that features a continuous arched roof.
  • Classic: Constructed with pedestal-style foundations to be installed in single, double, and triple rows.
  • Crescent: Developed as one of our newest designs, featuring trussed-cantilever beams and a continuous roof system.
  • Apex: Intended to feature a flat-roof system, with simple and modern design.
  • Cypress: Originated from a unique design featuring an inclined, trussed, and bowed roof system.
  • Guardian: Introduced solid membrane fabric for long-lasting support.

Benefits of Cantilever Shade Canopy Structures

As a beam-supported structure, cantilever shade canopies are perfect for covered parking, offering ideal solutions for spaces without obstructions. Some of the benefits of cantilevers include:

  • Allowing for design versatility: Cantilever shade canopy structures are available in various fabrics and steel colors. You can match every aspect with your brand's identity or your team's colors for a recognizable design.
  • Increasing marketability: An investment in shade structures can increase your property's value by adding desirable parking locations visible to customers from far away. 
  • Saving additional space: Cantilevers create freestanding, unobstructed spaces without any columns, posts, or additional supportive bracing in the spots.
  • Shading areas from sunlight: Harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays increase temperatures in your vehicle's interior, making it uncomfortable until the air conditioner cools it down. UV rays can also fade your vehicle's interior as well as cause the exterior paint to fade and peel over time. Cantilevers can help limit vehicle exposure to sunlight.
  • Protecting vehicles from precipitation: Hail, rain, sleet, and other inclement weather conditions can cause damage to vehicles such as dings and dents. 
  • Providing durable, cost-effective options: The strong material of our cantilevers are long-lasting compared to wood or lighter framing materials. 

Applications of a Cantilever Shade Structure

People choose cantilevers for their durability to withstand weather conditions and versatility to create covered parking in most spaces. For suitable parking options, cantilever shade canopy structures work well for:

  • Car dealerships: Cantilevers can protect the inventory on your lot as the weather changes and the market fluctuates. In the warmer months, your customers can browse options in cooler spaces that keep the vehicles in ready-to-sell conditions. Plus, low maintenance and added security lets you focus on the appearance and the performance of your cars, trucks, and SUVs.
  • Airport parking: Offering parking under cantilever shade structures lets you offer premium parking that helps protect vehicles from UV-rays, rain, and other inclement weather. You can also put cantilevers at car rental lots or loading and unloading areas for continued convenience. 
  • Corporate parking: By providing covered parking, you can make it easier for drivers to exit your lot promptly. They avoid scraping ice off their vehicle or waiting for the interior to cool down on a hot day. You can show your employees and your customers that you care about their comfort and convenience. 
  • Rooftop parking: With cantilever shade canopy structures, you can easily add additional covered parking to your rooftop parking lot. You won't need to put in additional supports for a full roof, and cantilevers allow you to select colors for an aesthetically appealing look.

Contact VPS to Learn More About Cantilever Structures

VPS is an industry leader capable of taking on projects or any size or scope. Our specialty is producing vehicle protection structures that stand up to the hail and inclement weather that devastate the assets of businesses throughout the hail belt of the United States. 

Our structures can provide UV, heat, and hail protection to many commercial settings in various industries. For more information on how we can offer superior protection for your valuable assets, contact a VPS representative today.

Heritage, Classic, Panorama, Crescent, Apex, and Cypress Series structural designs available

Heritage, Classic, Panorama, Crescent, Apex, and Cypress Series structural designs available

Spacing between structural support columns is 36 feet for much of the southern US

Spacing between structural support columns is 36 feet for much of the southern US

Embed, recessed-base-plate, and pedestal mounting designs available

Embed, recessed-base-plate, and pedestal mounting designs available

Engineered spread footings are available for applicable regions

Engineered spread footings are available for applicable regions

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