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VPS partners with leading architects to bring their shade structure designs to life. Our collaborative approach can promote the seamless integration of heat, hail, and ultraviolet (UV) protection structures for every project. We have the resources, experience, and expertise to deliver customized services, even for projects encompassing thousands of parking spaces. 

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Shade Structures for Unique Projects

At VPS, we recognize that no shade structure projects are alike. Our wide variety of structure types can meet an architect's specific requirements and needs, regardless of the design's size, scope, or complexity. Examples of our architectural shade structures include:

  • Cantilevers: These structures can provide exceptional UV ray and hail protection. The placement of columns away from parking spaces and drive lanes promotes safer vehicle and pedestrian movement.
  • Solid membrane: Our specialized fabrics help deliver reliable UV and weather/elements protection and enhanced aesthetic appeal. 
  • Mass coverage: Consider our mass coverage shade structures for architects when designing multi-acre staging and parking areas. 
  • Covered walkways: Our covered walkway structures can provide reliable overhead weather protection for pedestrians moving from spaces like parking lots and garages to transportation terminals, office complexes, and open areas.
  • Solar protection: The line of VPS solar-enabled hail protection products assists with eliminating the need for installing and designing solar farms on valuable land areas. 

How VPS Helps Architects

As a trusted partner in shade structures for architects, we lead the way through each project phase:

  • Planning: The planning process starts with a concept for a vehicle protection structure. During the planning phase, we work to gain a thorough understanding of the preferences and needs behind each project. We then work closely with architects to create a shade structure that meets those requirements. We also actively manage projects to keep them on schedule.
  • Design: During the design phase, we turn project plans and concepts into actual designs and solutions. We develop the manufacturing documentation and respond to any concerns that come up during initial planning. We also perform feasibility studies and cost analyses to keep projects compliant and on budget. We use computer-aided design (CAD) to develop 3D models, which we then use to create design drawings.
  • Construction: Our fabrication professionals use steel to produce durable and cost-effective architectural shade products. The steel components we use are constructed at our International Accreditation Services (IAS)-certified fabrication facility in Dallas. We also produce fabric that blocks 96% of UV rays, providing architectural shade structures with long-lasting protection and visual appeal. Once we've fabricated the materials, our construction management team begins the installation process.

Our Process

Our team of designers, manufacturers, and builders works closely with architects during each project step to help ensure the finished product meets their expectations. During the planning phase, we strive to gain a thorough understanding of the project's objectives and the architect's preferences. We'll also create a carefully planned schedule so that the work can meet applicable deadlines. 

In the design phase, we begin to bring the unique shade structure concept to life. Our team utilizes advanced computer-aided design tools to develop 3D models that enable us to create detailed design drawings. We also address any concerns that arise during planning. 

Upon approval, we'll begin to construct the shade structure. We use superior materials during fabrication, including durable steel components and high-quality fabrics that help promote reliable long-term protection while maintaining their visual appeal. Finally, our experienced, capable construction management team will oversee a fast, professional installation. 

Benefits of Adding a Shade Structure to a Project

Shade structures can add value to architectural projects in several ways. Building owners and occupants may appreciate the sun and weather protection these structures provide for pedestrians and vehicles and the reduction in property damage they help to promote. In some cases, the products can allow business properties to comply with accreditation standards regarding shade availability. 

The right shade structure can also make a property more visually interesting and appealing. The availability of fabric in various styles and colors enables architects to use their imaginations when developing intriguing designs that meet their clients' aesthetic preferences. 

Working with VPS for Architectural Shade Structures

We work with architects to bring their projects to life. Architects and firms that partner with us benefit from our:

  • Resources and capabilities: An expert in architecture may not have the know-how and resources to create parking protection structures. We do. We're a vertically integrated business, meaning we can handle sun and hail protection projects from start to finish.
  • Expert team: We're pioneers in the automotive protection industry, and we work with some of the industry's most experienced and highly trained individuals.
  • Years of experience: We've been in the business for years and have developed methods that allow us to minimize costs and maximize efficiency — all while complying with local regulations.
  • Quality materials and construction: Our steel and fabric materials are fabricated at our own facilities, and we take pride in managing the construction process from start to finish. 
  • Stellar service: We understand that architects may work on multiple projects simultaneously. We're committed to providing the best customer service and being fully communicative from the beginning until the end.

Trust VPS to Provide Architecturally Designed Shade Structures

VPS has been a recognized market leader in covered parking and asset hail protection for over 30 years. Learn more about how our shade structures for architects can add value to any project. Take the next step and contact us for information or to discuss specific project parameters today. 

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