Vehicle Protection Structures for Hail Protection

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Hail Vehicle Protection 

A severe hailstorm can cause considerable damage to vehicles in a commercial parking lot, and you need the right materials to protect your cars from hail and extreme weather. With hail protection structures from VPS, you can find custom options that fit your property size and day-to-day usage requirements. Work with us for solutions that may reduce the risk of damage from extreme weather, helping to secure employee, customer, and other visitor vehicles in your lots.

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Benefits of Hail Protection Structures

Any commercial parking lot may expose cars to severe weather, and a sudden hailstorm can result in thousands of dollars of damage. Medium-sized hail can wreck auto bodies and break windows, potentially devastating entire fleets. With vehicle hail protection, you can:

  • Protect your inventory: Hail structures can increase security for vehicle fleets and other assets exposed to the elements, offering peace of mind and added shielding.
  • Reduce operational disruptions: Our structures can help prevent weather from reducing performance. By minimizing potential downtime, you can save on operating expenses.
  • Decrease liability risks: With options to protect any structure on your property, you can also reduce the risk of liability from a visitor's car being damaged by hail.
  • Safer work environment: Commercial shade structures provide an opportunity to create a safer and happier work environment for logistics teams and other outdoor workers.

Line of cars at dealership damaged by hail storm.

The Types of Structures Available

Our expert team is ready to work with you and build solutions that optimally match your applications. We have a wide range of product options available to meet your requirements, including:

  • Mass coverage: We have broad manufacturing capabilities to provide mass coverage of large-scale properties.
  • Covered walkways: Combine parking lot protective structures with covered walkways to help visitors and employees safely reach your facilities in severe weather.
  • Cantilevers: Our cantilevers offer increased coverage from the elements and feature structural support columns placed away from parking spaces to make navigation under the structure more accessible.
  • Solar Panel Covered Structures: We also offer several different coverages that include solar panels to harness solar power for your commercial energy costs. 

Ask About Our Hail Protection Structures

At VPS, our goal is to provide long-term asset protection for your property with our optimized hail protection structures. We'll prioritize custom builds for your specific property size, usage, and operational needs when you partner with us. We offer robust coverings, and we have large-scale project capabilities to meet your applications. As a market leader, our goal is to provide products that maximize your return on investment over the long term.

For trusted hail protection resources, streamlined project management, and optimized customer support, choose VPS. To learn more about our offerings, request a free quote today.

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