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Hail Protection for RV Parks and Campgrounds

Keep RV's and campers safe with hail protection solutions from VPS. We design and manufacture high-quality commercial shelters for RV parks and campgrounds, allowing you to cover numerous RVs and campers with expertly engineered structures. Prevent RV hail damage with solutions from VPS.

Whether you are designing an RV park or own one, having a way to reduce the risk to recreational vehicles and campers from severe storms and hailstorms on your site is critical. A sudden hailstorm can cause significant damage to recreational vehicles in a matter of minutes. With our RV hail protection structures, you can feel confident the vehicles that drive into your campground will stay safe and protected, providing visitors with peace of mind that they can park at your campsite for extended periods of time with reduced risk of damage from inclement weather.

At VPS, our experts design, manufacture and install our RV hail protection systems to fit your needs, no matter where your commercial campsite is located. You can also trust VPS to design an RV park hail cover that provides comprehensive results while working with you to deliver your preferred design.

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The Benefits of Commercial RV and Camper Carports

When you choose VPS to provide camper and RV hail protection for your RV park or campground, the benefits include:

  • Reduced risk of inclement weather damage to vehicles, including RVs and Campers
  • Allows for year-round operations, even when the weather is less than ideal
  • A way to keep cars, RVs and campers comfortable in the shade, particularly in warmer months
  • An added aesthetic appeal to your campground through customized shelters
  • Preferred parking options at a higher value with added RV and Camper hail protection
  • Integrated lighting and surveillance options

Why Choose VPS for Your RV Park and Commercial Camper Shelters?

VPS is a pioneer and innovator in the vehicle protection market, providing shelters in custom sizes that will keep your RV park or campground safe from damaging hail. If you're searching for a permanent commercial RV carport solution that will last for years, look no further than VPS. Our structures are durable, maintenance-free and built to your sizing specifications.

In addition to hail protection, we engineer our commercial RV cover structures to stand up to wind and snow loads, as well as UV rays. The benefits of our commercial hail protection solutions for RV parks and campgrounds include:

  • Structures that can be joined or custom-designed to fit any space or configuration
  • Permanent structures that require minimal maintenance, so your RV park is always be ready for guests
  • High-density polyethylene (HDPE) fabric that provides hail, heat, and UV protection
  • The ability to add accessories such as security cameras, lighting, logos and more

If you need hail protection for your RV park, we want to work with you to design the perfect solution. Reach out to us to learn about what solutions are best for your campground or RV Park, and to get a custom site assessment.

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