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Hail Protection for Boat Storage

VPS provides hail structures for marinas and boat storage facilities that will safeguard boats and other assets from damaging hail, weather, UV rays and more. They're the hail solution you've been searching for to protect your boats.

If your boat storage location is in a hail-prone region, you need to prioritize weather protection to attract boat owners and safeguard their boats while providing a unique competitive advantage. Boats can sustain significant damage from a hailstorm in a matter of minutes if left uncovered. However, if you have the right hail solutions for your boat storage area, people will feel confident securing their boats, and it helps reduce potential damage that can cause severe losses to your business.

VPS designs, manufactures and installs customized commercial hail protection options for assets, including boats. We'll work with you to develop a permanent solution that fits your space and brand. With more than 20 years' worth of experience designing and manufacturing hail protection structures, we can help you through each step of the process.

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Benefits of Commercial Hail Protection for Boat Storage

Commercial hail and weather protection from VPS will help give current and potential customers added incentive to stay with or bring their boat to your location, thanks to increased protection from inclement weather.

Additional benefits of our hail solutions for boat storage include:

  • Custom-designed structures meant to fully meet your needs
  • High-quality HDPE fabric and heavy-duty structural steel
  • The ability to add other elements such as lighting or surveillance
  • Less of a risk that inclement weather will impact your operations
  • A shaded area where your employees and customers can avoid UV rays and stay cool, creating a for comfortable work environment

Work With VPS to Create Hail Solutions for Your Boat Storage Location

VPS is an innovative leader in the hail protection industry, with a wide selection of structures that can give your visitors and customers a positive experience. We'll work with you to find a solution that is best for your boat storage location and goals. Our permanent structures are highly durable and low maintenance. We can also customize your solution to include a logo, security options, colors that match your brand, and more.

When inclement weather hits, you won't need to worry about hail, UV rays, or snow with VPS hail protection solutions. Our structures utilize HDPE fabric to protect boats and other assets beneath while still allowing light to filter through.

Our turnkey solutions for commercial hail protection are what you're searching for to protect assets from hail damage. From our initial survey to the final construction of the hail protection your boat storage location needs, you can trust VPS to give you the right solution for your business. Get in touch with us today to talk to an expert about any questions you have and to start the process for a free quote.

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