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Covered Parking For Auto Assembly Plants

VPS provides auto assembly plants and auto manufacturing facilities with the unique hail protection solutions they rely on to safeguard their most valuable assets against the punishing effects of weather.

For vehicle manufacturing facilities and automotive assembly plants and manufacturing facilities - particularly in hail-prone regions - hail protection is key. When cars are exposed to weather elements outside of the facility, weather damage to the vehicles can impact the bottom line. A single bad hailstorm can seriously damage millions of dollars in inventory and cause brand new cars to become a total loss. Hail can grind operations to a halt if auto assembly plants don’t have the right protection for assets and inventory, cutting into operational costs resulting in significant losses.

VPS offers hail protection solutions for automotive assembly plants and manufacturing plants globally. Our customers have trusted us to protect their assets and inventory because we are dedicated to providing comprehensive resources. As a result, we've successfully been the pioneer and innovator in hail, heat, and UV projects for over 20 years with long-lasting partnerships worldwide.

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Row of gray shade structures in auto assembly plants.

Aerial view of auto assembly plant shade structures

Cars under shade structures at auto assembly plant



How to Avoid Inventory Loss Due to Hail at Auto Assembly Plants

One of the best auto manufacturers' hail protection options is to install protective structures to cover their inventory. VPS has a range of permanent auto assembly plant hail protection systems to help you. Designed to be compliant with all relevant building codes, these structures are virtually maintenance-free, offering you peace of mind so you can focus on your business.

VPS hail protection structures can be completely custom-designed to meet your needs and are made with high-quality HDPE fabric, as well as heavy-duty structural steel. Our structures can cover thousands of vehicles, protecting millions of dollars' worth of inventory and ultimately reducing risk within the supply chain. Regardless of your business needs, geographic location, or the terrain your vehicle production plant is located on, VPS has a solution for you. 

Working With VPS to Protect Your Auto Assembly Plants From Hail

VPS hail protection systems are sturdy enough to protect cars parked under the structures from all sorts of elements, including hail, rain, sleet, UV rays and snow. The high-density fabric still allows for light to filter through, providing security and good visibility. All year long, these structures ensure your operations aren’t shut down due to inclement weather. The VPS project management team works with you to ensure your structure is designed for your needs. We can even help you create specific column spacing for railhead and haul-away needs.

The automotive industry needs reliable help protecting assets from hail and weather damage can rely on VPS. We are the leading provider of auto assembly plant hail protection solutions worldwide. Our customers are at ease knowing our structures protect their inventory from weather damage year-round, reducing risk in supply chain operations.

VPS provides turnkey solutions for all auto assembly plants that need large-scale hail protection systems. From initial survey and design development to engineering, manufacturing, project management, and construction for their hail protection solutions. To talk to an auto industry expert today, contact VPS.

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Proven and effective hail, heat, and UV protection

Proven and effective hail, heat, and UV protection

Elimination of operational disruption due to hail

Elimination of operational disruption due to hail

Designed, engineered, and adapted to your site

Designed, engineered, and adapted to your site

Custom column spacing for haul-away and railhead lots

Custom column spacing for haul-away and railhead lots

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