Heat Protection

When cars sit in a lot for hours at a time, they can build up significant amounts of heat, causing potential health risks and vehicle damage. If your business is exploring how to protect cars from extreme heat, VPS offers trusted solutions for your requirements. Our shade structures are specially designed to protect assets from the elements and keep parking lots cooler and more comfortable.

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How Our Solutions Protect Cars From Extreme Heat

Unlike many shade structures built with metal or wood roofs, VPS uses specialized fabric with knitted mesh to let hot air circulate. Hot air can flow out through our shade structures instead of getting trapped under the roof, which keeps the lot cooler and safer.

At VPS, we have a broad selection to meet your unique property protection needs. When you need to shield cars from the sun's heat, we can help with several different product options:

  • Cantilevers: Designed with support structures placed away from walkways and parking spaces, cantilevers make navigation convenient for cars and pedestrians while also providing heat protection.
  • Covered walkways: We offer covered walkway coverings that can work with covered parking lots to keep pedestrians more comfortable on their way to your facility.
  • Large-scale coverage: With our mass coverage options, our expert design and engineering teams can develop a large-scale solution to reduce hat exposure for multi-acre parking and staging areas.

Large parking lot shade structure protecting cars from heat.

Parking lot with large, white commercial hail shade structure

Line of cars protected from heat with shade structure

Advantages of Heat Protection From VPS

When you invest in heat solutions from VPS, you can gain several operational advantages, including:

  • Decrease risk of downtime: With shade structures to help protect your resources from the elements, you can reduce the risk of weather interrupting your day-to-day operations.
  • Increase inventory security: We offer increased peace of mind by helping shield cars and other assets on your property 24/7.
  • Improve customer safety: Investing in our shade structures allows you to prioritize customer safety and comfort with durable canopies to help shield them from heat exposure, hail, and UV rays.
  • Keep cars cooler: Our heat protection offerings can keep car interiors cooler and more comfortable, even after long hours outside.
  • Minimize employee exposure: Commercial shade structures provide protective shade to minimize sun and heat exposure of distribution center employees and reduce the internal temperature of trailers.

Heat Protection from VPS

Explore Our Solutions for Heat Vehicle Protection

At VPS, we offer extensive asset protection expertise, streamlined project management services, and custom options for your applications. Our capabilities for large-scale projects allow us to meet your commercial property protection needs seamlessly. 

Contact us for a free quote today to further explore how our products can work for your business. 

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