IAS Accreditation

Shade Structures, Inc. (VPS’ legal entity) is an IAS-Accredited Fabricator per Structural Steel (AC172). The IAS accreditation process involves an assessment of the management system and verification of on-site inspections to meet the requirements of industry standards and IAS criteria. VPS meets the requirements as described in  Chapter 17 of the International Building Code® for structural steel for which IAS provides accreditation for Structural Steel (AC172). VPS’ health, safety, and procurement information are verified through IAS accreditation.


IAS Accreditation for VPS as an approved fabricator provides the following:

  • Verification that VPS meets requirements under Chapter 17 of the International Building Code.
  • Provides clients and employees with a high-level of confidence that VPS demonstrates safety and quality across the steel fabrication process.
  • Reassurance in quality that is maintained by code and on-site inspections that are confirmed via periodic assessments.

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