Solar Protection: Commercial Parking


Parking directors and property managers no longer have to choose between ventilated covered parking and unsightly solar “carports”. VPS has introduced new structural designs that provide fabric-based shaded parking and clean energy producing solar array technology. These solar covered parking designs provide valuable shade for vehicles parked beneath, as well as the ability to generate clean, renewable energy. VPS solar parking products are available for grade-level and rooftop parking lots.


VPS can:

  • Integrate PV equipment and solar arrays into various structural designs
  • Develop customized solutions in partnership with your engineer and/or PV consultant
  • Design structures to accept custom-attachment points, integrated wiring, and more

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The Benefits of Solar Canopies for Parking Lots

Solar panels over parking lots offer several advantages, including:

  • Shaded parking: Our solar parking structures use fabric to shade vehicles in large parking areas. Customers and employees can enjoy cooler cars and potentially improve efficiency by using less fuel to run the air conditioner at the start of the trip.
  • Reduced energy consumption: