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Car Rental Facility Parking Structures


Rental cars need to be protected from catastrophic weather when not in use. This is why many car rental facilities choose coverage for their parked vehicles to reduce the risk of inventory damage and losing daily customers. It can be challenging to maintain rental cars amid unpredictable weather conditions. When shade structures are implemented into a car rental facility, these structures safeguard vehicles from damage while adding value to the lot.

VPS has served commercial clients as an industry leader in parking protection structures for over 30 years. As pioneers in asset protection technology, our team is dedicated to delivering automotive structures that set the standard for design innovation and state-of-the-art construction, providing you with hail, heat, and UV protection to serve your needs.

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The Benefits of Shade Structures for Car Rental Facilities

Protective parking structures on a consolidated rental car center (ConRAC) preserves vehicle inventory while maintaining a positive reputation for your business.

Protecting Against Hail

Hail typically ranges from the size of a dime to the size of a softball in major hail-prone areas and storms can be unpredictable. Larger hailstones can deliver the same impact to a vehicle as a sledgehammer. Smaller hail pellets can result in significant dents, chipped paint, and broken glass. When cars sustain these damages, rental facilities not only have to pour substantial funds into repairing or replacing their vehicles, but also lose business during the time the vehicles need to wait to be evaluated by an adjuster.

If your car rental lot is located in an area where hail is a formidable weather concern, shield your cars from damage with ConRAC parking structures from VPS. Our unique steel and fabric systems are designed to protect against hail, enabling you to get the most revenue for your rental cars while avoiding expensive repair costs and increased insurance premiums.

Shielding Vehicles From the Sun

Car rental facility shade structures offer defense against the sun's rays, even on the brightest and hottest days. Extended sun exposure can oxidize, fade and peel automobile paint, making cars look worn and damaged before their time. Our parking protection structures block harmful UV rays while also protecting car rental inventory from hail.

An added benefit of hail protection for rental car facilities is keeping vehicles cool throughout the day. When automobiles are sheltered from the sun, customers can test drive their rental vehicle off the lot without getting into a sweltering, uncomfortable car.

Adding Visual Appeal to Your Facility

Car parking structures can also add visual appeal to a car rental lot, boosting the property value. Commercial hail protection from VPS comes in a variety of styles, designs, and colors, offering a sleek look that exudes quality and professionalism. Our ConRAC parking structures also allow businesses to implement electrical upgrades such as lighting elements, surveillance, and more, further enhancing their products.

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Invest in Parking Protection Structures for Your Car Rental Facility at VPS

If you're looking to protect your rental vehicles while adding practical functionality and design to your property, consider investing in parking protection structures from VPS. As the leading supplier in automotive hail protection systems, we offer nothing less than the highest quality products and services delivered by some of the most experienced and highly trained professionals in the industry.

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Proven and effective hail, heat, and UV protection

Proven and effective hail, heat, and UV protection

Eliminates operational disruptions caused by hail

Eliminates operational disruptions caused by hail

Customized design for each individual location

Customized design for each individual location

Widest selection of structural design options

Widest selection of structural design options

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