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UV/Sun Protection for Industrial Applications

VPS can work with you and your engineering team to develop custom industrial shade solutions that meet your requirements for protecting your products and your business from the harmful effects of UV rays. We offer industrial shade structure design to customize the product completely.

Industry Applications of Shade Structures 

When we design our industrial shade structures at VPS, we ensure they are up to code and durable. Various industries can use industrial shade structures to help prevent damage from the sun and other weather conditions.

Some of the industrial applications for shade structures include:

  • Education: Design separate gymnasiums, auditoriums, conference rooms, and learning areas for extra space and safety or add coverage to bleachers and playgrounds for continued protection outside.
  • Food and beverage: Shade employees and customers from rain, sun, and other weather to provide a cool and comfortable place to work and eat. 
  • Manufacturing: Develop designated loading and unloading areas for product assembly, shipment, and additional steps in the process if space is limited
  • Military and defense: Help protect aircraft, drones, utility vehicles, and equipment from the elements.
  • Travel and transportation: Create alternative structures similar to terminals or bus stations for people to wait under for buses, taxis, and other modes of public transportation.
  • Water treatment: Shield workers and warehouse components from UV rays during extended working periods.

Benefits of Industrial Shade Structures

For more than 26 years, VPS has provided quality solutions for shade structures in various industrial settings. Here are just a few of the advantages of industrial shade structures:

  • Minimizing risks from weather damage: Hail, sunlight, and other inclement conditions can cause harm to people and damage to vehicles and other equipment. 
  • Reducing equipment exposure to UV Rays: The weather can fade the color of equipment, cause power outages in machines, and destroy electronic devices when placed in environments with prolonged exposure to the sun. 
  • Creating shade for workers: Industrial shade structures offer durable and affordable options for sun protection. They can help people limit their time in the direct sunlight, providing a shaded place to take breaks or to work in as needed. 
  • Customizing designs for a unique look: With a wide range of options, industrial shade structure design allows you to pick the fabrics, colors, and accessories to create a custom look. 

Contact Industrial Shade Structure Providers at VPS

VPS has collaborated with industrial engineers across various market segments to develop custom UV/sun protection solutions for specific sites and applications.  With a wide range of fabric options available to provide shade solutions for your business, our selection includes HDPE Mesh, HDPE Scrim Membrane, PVC Mesh, PVC Membrane, PTFE Mesh, and PTFE Membrane. These versatile options have different features for your project. 

Reach out to our experts to learn more about our custom, quality solutions for industrial applications and receive a free quote with a price guarantee. If you're looking to get started, feel free to submit a contact form and get in touch with us for a consultation! 

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