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Rooftop Parking Lot Shade Structures for Vehicle Protection

Functional, Aesthetic Architectural Designed Shade Structures

A growing number of municipalities require some form and percentage of shade on the top decks of parking garages. Many drivers avoid rooftop parking, fearing what could happen to their vehicle when left in open-air spaces, especially for long periods of time. Inclement weather like hail could cause devastating damage to vehicles, particularly in the hail belt of the United States. The sun’s heat and UV rays in uncovered rooftop parking decks can also make cars uncomfortably hot.

VPS covered parking solutions maximize the usability of rooftop parking lot areas and are engineered for new parking garages or existing garages that are structurally capable. Adding rooftop covered parking structures is more cost-effective than enclosing the top parking deck. Our cantilevered structures are a great option for rooftop-covered parking — without the obstruction of columns, these structures do not impede or reduce the driving area of the rooftop parking deck. These types of structures can also be designed and fabricated to accept internal wiring to include a number of accessory options, including mounted lighting fixtures, surveillance cameras, and more.

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Rooftop parking in San Diego with shade structures

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Create Rooftop Parking Shade Structures & Solutions

VPS can work with your structural engineer to determine the best covered parking solution for your parking structure. VPS engineers can provide your structural engineer with details that will enable you to integrate appropriate attachment points into new garages.

Looking to learn more about our parking solution options? Check out our commercial parking brochure for more details! 

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Benefits of Adding Covered Rooftop Parking Canopies

    • Increased ratio of covered parking: With the addition of a protective structure on the roof, parking structures gain an additional level of covered parking spaces.
    • Improved structural aesthetics: For rooftop parking on multi-level parking structures, protective fabric structures can be much more aesthetically appealing than a typical concrete enclosure.
    • Increased property marketability: With the addition of more desirable parking spaces, the marketability of your parking spaces and the property can increase. Examples of VPS products commonly chosen for rooftop parking include the Heritage, Panorama, and Apex Cantilever structures.

If you are interested in adding a covered rooftop parking solution to your parking structure, contact VPS today to learn more.

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Increased ratio of covered parking

Increased ratio of covered parking

Improved structural aesthetics

Improved structural aesthetics

Increased property marketability

Increased property marketability

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