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Auto Dealership Hail Protection Structures

VPS designs, manufactures, and installs hail protection systems and shade structures for auto dealerships in hail-prone regions of the world.

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As VPS has expanded and refined our product line to include car dealership canopies and shade structures, our primary goal remains the same: protecting auto dealerships’ fleets from catastrophic losses due to hail events. As a stronger, more appealing alternative to hail nets for auto dealers, we provide a completely modular and permanent system: one that's designed and engineered to the local building code, that’s fully customizable to each dealership’s location and layout.

Auto hail protection is a big concern for auto dealers located in hail-prone regions across North America. A sudden storm can produce catastrophic results, wiping out millions of dollars in inventory and assets in minutes. Don't let that happen to your inventory; ensure it's well-protected.


The Benefits of Car Dealership Hail Canopies

Car dealership hail canopies can:

  • Minimize the risk of inclement weather impacting operations
  • Protect inventory
  • Keep customers comfortable in shaded areas while shopping for cars in summer months
  • Keep cars cool as they shade your inventory from the sun

Want to learn more about car dealership hail canopies? Contact our experts today for more information and to get a custom site assessment.

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Mercedes auto dealership shade structures aerial view

Cars at dealership under shade structures

Chevrolet car dealership blue shade structures




Ways to Protect Your Car Dealership from Hail

If you're looking for hail nets for auto dealers, VPS permanent hail structures can be a perfect alternative, as they're durable, maintenance-free, and aesthetically pleasing. Our car dealership canopies can be designed to cover thousands of vehicles, so no matter how large your dealership is, we've got you covered with our commercial auto hail protection solutions.

Many of the largest dealer groups and regional dealers across the Hail Belt trust us to protect their inventory. All ranges of car dealers, from mid-range to luxury auto dealers, turn to VPS when they need to protect inventory at their auto dealerships. We offer custom permanent structures that have these distinct advantages:

  • Fully customizable hail protection for car dealerships, meaning your business gets the precise solution based on your needs.
  • No project is too big or small; VPS protection structures are modular and can be joined or custom-designed for the space.
  • Our range of color options allow you to complement your dealership branding and enhance the exterior.
  • Low maintenance permanent structures.
  • Some light penetration; solid, permanent coverings need lighting underneath to see during the day and at night, but our strong fabrics allow enough light to pass through to see during the day.
  • The ability to add accessories such as lighting, surveillance, post pads, signage, and logos.

VPS has the widest selection of structural design options available for hail protection systems for car dealerships. Whether you want a protection system over part of your lot or leading right to your door, we can help. Our structures are engineered to withstand up to a certain wind and snow load in addition to providing UV and hail protection.

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Work with VPS for Car Dealership Hail Protection

VPS hail protection structures not only protect your assets, but they also ensure customers, visitors and employees get the best experience possible at your dealership location. Our experts help your business minimize operational disruptions and delays with our products.

If your auto dealership is serious about protecting inventory, contact VPS to talk about what auto hail protection solutions would work best for you.

As the pioneer, innovator, and leader in the vehicle protection market, VPS offers many advantages for auto dealerships of any size, including:

Our products are currently protecting vast vehicle inventories at dealerships offering the following brands:


Proven and effective hail, heat, and UV protection

Proven and effective hail, heat, and UV protection

Eliminates operational disruptions caused by hail

Eliminates operational disruptions caused by hail

Customized design for each individual location

Customized design for each individual location

Widest selection of structural design options

Widest selection of structural design options

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