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Loading Dock Canopy for your Distribution Center or Warehouse 

Overly warm temperatures can wreak havoc on a distribution center or warehousing operation. Prolonged exposure to intense sunlight and heat may damage goods and take a toll on dock workers, reducing their productivity. Distribution center shade structures from VPS can improve these operating conditions by lowering ambient air temperatures by as much as 30 degrees Fahrenheit. 

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About Commercial Shade Structures for Distribution Centers

VPS commercial shade structures help establish a cooler environment by cutting the sun's harsh rays. They enable distribution center owners and operators to provide protective shade for trailers that would otherwise bake in the sun for hours. Workers can also minimize their sun and heat exposure, helping them stay safe and lowering their risk of heat-related illnesses and injuries. 

As a full-service design/build firm, VPS can create custom distribution center shade structures and loading dock canopies to cover expansive, open areas at loading docks to accommodate a high volume of trailers. Combine them with photovoltaic (solar) panels to harness the sun's energy and benefit from sustainable power generation. 

Benefits of Adding Shade

Our commercial shade structures offer numerous advantages for distribution centers. 

Helps Prevent Overheating

The temperature inside a trailer can reach 180 degrees Fahrenheit on the hottest summer days. The longer a trailer remains outside, the worse the conditions will get, and the higher the risk of damage or injuries. 

Our distribution center shade structures' substantial heat reduction capabilities help prevent overheating. They also minimize a facility's heat island effect, reducing the risk of a dangerous rise in temperatures.

reduce costs and precent overheating

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Distribution Center Shade Structures

Reduces Costs

Heat and humidity can cause extensive damage to goods such as wooden furniture, paper, clothing, electronics, and works of art. Our distribution center shade structures can reduce the costs of replacing these and other items. 

By helping to reduce the risk of heat-related illnesses, these structures contribute to fewer sick days for workers and thus mitigate costly productivity losses. Companies may also reduce their employee turnover rate as a result of providing more comfortable working conditions.

Additionally, structures equipped with photovoltaic panels can help increase a distribution center's energy independence and lower the cost associated with receiving all its electricity from the power grid.

Improves ESG Score

In the modern environment, businesses in all industries must adhere to more stringent sustainability and ethical guidelines. An environmental, social, and governance (ESG) score is the metric used to evaluate a company in these areas. A higher ESG rating shows that a business is making an aggressive effort to mitigate its risk. 

Installing a VPS distribution center shade structure can contribute to a more favorable ESG score, demonstrating the business's commitment to managing risk effectively. 

Weather Resistant 

 The weather can often impact your warehouse efficiency and output, but with our commercial shade structures distribution centers are built to withstand the cold and wind. Our distribution shade structures or loading dock canopies are engineered to combat windy and snowy conditions. We design our structures to meet local building codes for wind and snow loads. We also offer waterproof fabrics to make loading and unloading in the range easier and more efficient. 

engineered to stand up to all kinds of weather conditions

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Distribution Center Temperatures

Hail Protection Structure Options for Distribution Centers

VPS distribution center shade structures provide an opportunity to create a safer and happier work environment for logistics teams. VPS can help to defend against even the most intense and frequent hail storms so you can protect property, equipment, and personnel. We offer various protective structures with unique functions and benefits so each warehouse operation can find the right tools to fit their situation. 

Covered Walkways

VPS covered walkways can protect distribution center teams from hail as they move throughout outdoor areas. These shelters also encourage healthy, daily walking habits with shelter from inclement weather. 

Another important feature of logistics operations is safety. When hail and rain storms come, they can create slick surfaces. The covered walkway can help these areas to stay drier and reduce the risk of falling accidents.

Mass Coverage

Mass coverage is a high-quality solution for large warehousing areas that need significant protection from hail. VPS offers these shelters in a modular package so distribution centers can mix and match to build a structure that fits their width and length requirements. It also features the Panama Protector and Diamond Protector configurations to fit the shape of the work layout best.


cantilever is a free-standing structure that offers unique benefits for areas like loading docks. These structures do not have traditional columns or support braces. The extra space allows for more parking and maneuverability for workers and vehicles to navigate the space.

Solar Hail Protection

Solar hail protection is an innovative solution from VPS that provides a built-in return on investment (ROI). The structure offers protection from hail conditions while housing solar panels to harness renewable energy. Companies can save money on utility bills and receive government support for meeting initiative goals. Over time, the initial investment can yield significant returns. 

Solid Membrane

VPS provides a solid membrane option that allows us to add specialized fabric for hail protection to many of our structural designs. We follow a three-step process, including fabric patterning, welding, and attaching. Our fabric options include PFTE, HDPE scrim, and PVC. HDPE scrim and PVC come in various color options, while PFTE comes only in white. 

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