DFW Airport Case Study


DFW Case Study

DFW Airport decided to create a premium parking area where they could protect vehicles and build another source of revenue for their facility. Dallas, Texas, is known for severe hailstorms, so DFW invested in a defensive canopy to protect travelers and offer a luxury resource for sheltering vehicles. 

Why a Classic Cantilever Structure?

DFW Airport chose VPS Classic Cantilever shade structures to incorporate vehicle protection for premium parking and maneuverability. Regular parking at the facility costs $10 per day, while a sheltered spot costs $15 per day. The Express North covered parking area offers 3,200 parking spaces. The math reveals that after the initial investment, the extra $5 brings $16,000 of revenue per day when this area of the parking lot is full.

The Cantilever is also a significant long-term investment to raise the property value of the DFW Airport and attract both short- and long-term travelers who want car protection. The affordable rate and convenience offered serves as a competitive advantage for DFW to continue acquiring customers. 

A Customer Benefit for Airport Parking

As a national and international airport, DFW needs to accommodate travelers who may leave their vehicles behind for significant amounts of time.

The Classic Cantilever uses eXtreme 32 fabric with a level four classification from the UL Test standard 2218 test. In other words, the parking structure has certification for durability and strength to help protect vehicles from hail and sleet over time. It's also useful for protecting a vehicle's internal temperature from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays that can overheat the interior.

The Classic Cantilever also uses pedestal-style foundations with single, double and triple row options. The Cantilever has a freestanding design so that vehicles and pedestrians have an unobstructed walking and driving space. This hail and shade structure also comes with color customization options and consists of long-lasting materials that typically have a longer life span than wood or light framing materials. 

Find an Airport Parking Shade Structure from VPS

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VPS has a commitment to offering five-star customer solutions with hail, UV, and heat protection for automobiles across industries. Our Classic Cantilever parking structure combines form and function with a sleek, modern aesthetic, and easy, unimpeded access for pedestrians and vehicles. 

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