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VPS vehicle protection structures safeguard the most valuable assets for a wide range of clients throughout the automotive and commercial parking industries in the US and beyond.

Airport Parking

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Many airport operators are looking for opportunities to improve their architecture and aesthetics when designing parking solutions. VPS structures provide ideal outdoor airport parking solutions for airports and transportation facilities, including ingress/egress, walkways, rental car/CONRAC lots, storage areas, and more.

Featured Projects

Park & Zoom at ABIA

Abilene Regional Airport

Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport

Auto Assembly Plants

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As the pioneers and leaders in the vehicle protection market, the VPS name is synonymous with the vehicle protection structure industry. VPS has been a valued partner providing auto assembly plants and auto manufacturing facilities with the unique hail protection solutions to safeguard valuable assets against the effects of weather and time.

Featured Projects

Central Mexico

Central States USA - Project 1

Central States USA - Project 2

Auto Dealerships

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More than two decades ago, VPS began manufacturing and installing hail protection and shade structures for auto dealerships throughout the “hail belt” of the United States. Many of our clients are long-standing VPS partners and were the world's earliest adopters of automotive hail protection and auto dealership shade solutions.

Featured Projects

Bob Howard Auto Mall

James Wood Auto Park

Classic Chevrolet

Corporate Parking

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In today’s competitive commercial market, covered parking is one of the premium amenities companies seek to provide their executives and employees. Property owners and managers are also offering covered parking solutions to give their properties a competitive edge, particularly in sunbaked regions of the country.

Featured Projects

Aera Energy, LLC

Tektronix Texas, LLC

Seventy Seven Energy

Industrial Applications

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Many products manufactured today are susceptible to the harmful effects of UV radiation, but are utilized in industries that don’t allow them to be coated or formulated with UV stabilizers. Products that are stored or used outdoors must be protected from UV rays to perform as intended and serve their useful life.

Rooftop Parking

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VPS leads the market in other increasingly popular covered parking applications—rooftop parking. Architects, builders and parking structure designers have found that fabric shade structures provide a sustainable alternative to concrete covered rooftops. Some US municipalities also require shade to be included in a parking structure’s top deck.

Featured Projects

Qualcomm San Diego

Intuit San Diego

Riverside Commons