Hail, UV and Heat Protection for Vehicles

VPS is the premier provider of proven hail, heat and UV protection.


Vehicle Hail Protection 

Covered parking is essential for any type of vehicle exposed to harsh weather elements, such as hail. Vehicle hail protection is especially important to those who own the property being protected, particularly auto dealerships, auto assembly plants, and other businesses with costly outdoor inventories.

The effects of hail damage on vehicles can be severe — a good-sized hailstone can have the same impact upon vehicle windows and bodies as a sledgehammer swung at full force. Hailstorms have been known to devastate entire vehicle fleets, resulting in catastrophic losses totaling hundreds of millions of dollars.

VPS can help protect against devastating hail damage by shielding inventory from the the effects of these destructive storms. Our structures, which include industrial hail nets and covered parking structures, are uniquely designed with steel and durable fabric that can withstand the impact of hail stones.

In addition to the hail protection provided by VPS structures, customers also enjoy the added benefits of investing in our products. By reducing the hail risk to vehicles beneath our structures, VPS products minimize operational disruptions caused by hail events. The reduced risk of hail damage may significantly reduce insurance premiums as a result.

To learn more about our vehicle hail protection structures from hail damage, contact our experts for a free site assessment and evaluation.

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Line of cars at dealership damaged by hail storm.

Heat Protection For Vehicles

Unlike structures with wood or metal roofs, the fabric utilized by our structures allows hot air to escape through the knitted mesh so it is not trapped in the covered spaces, keeping customers and employees cooler during hot weather. Cars exposed to the heat of the sun can still be extremely uncomfortable for those getting in and out of vehicles in the heat.

The knitted mesh design of the fabrics in our roof systems makes VPS structures ideal for reducing the heat of vehicles or assets beneath them. The shade percentages of our fabrics approach 90%, while the inherent design of the mesh fabric allows heat to escape. As a result, cars, assets, and people beneath the structures experience cooler temperatures. The temperature in the interior of a vehicle is reduced up to 40 degrees Fahrenheit during the hottest months of the year.

Large parking lot shade structure protecting cars from heat.

Parking lot with large, white commercial hail shade structure

Line of cars protected from heat with shade structure



UV Protection For Vehicles

UV rays not only have a harmful effect on skin, but can also damage vehicle parts and other products that can't be coated or formulated with UV stabilizers. Instead of leaving vehicles and other assets exposed, protect your investments with a VPS structure.

By covering and protecting products that can’t be treated or produced with UV stabilizers, VPS products block harmful UV rays and enable industrial manufacturing and storage facilities to perform as intended and serve their useful life.

Hospital vehicles under large shade structures

Line of cars in parking lot under commercial shade structure

Shade structures in desert protecting cars from UV

Don't allow weather or climatic elements to damage your investments. Whether it's an inventory of vehicles or other assets, a VPS structure provides protection against hail, heat, and UV-related damage by minimizing the risk. Contact our representatives today to learn more.

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