Hail, UV and Heat Protection

VPS is the premier provider of proven hail, heat and UV protection.



Hail protection

The effects of hail damage on vehicles can be severe — a good-sized hailstone can have the same impact upon vehicle windows and bodies as a sledgehammer swung at full force.  Hail storms have devastated entire vehicle fleets resulting in catastrophic losses totaling hundreds of millions of dollars. However, clients who install VPS hail protection products are shielded from hail while often realizing significant reductions in their insurance premiums.  By drastically reducing hail damage to vehicles staged beneath them, VPS products also help eliminate operational disruptions caused by hail events.



Heat Protection

The knitted mesh design of the fabrics we utilize for our roof systems make VPS products ideal for reducing heat within the vehicles and assets staged beneath our structures.  Depending on color, shade percentages for our fabrics approach 90%, while the inherent design of the mesh fabric allows heat to escape, leading to cooler temperatures below.  Further, interior vehicle temperatures are reduced by up to 40 degrees Fahrenheit during the hottest months of the year.



UV Protection

VPS products can also benefit industrial manufacturing and storage facilities by covering and protecting products that can’t be coated or formulated with UV stabilizers.  Blocking harmful UV rays enable these products to perform as intended and serve their useful life.