VPS has over 30 years of commercial vehicle protection. We have options for every type of site needs you may have.

Pole Pads

Depending of the size and scope of the project, we can add logos to our fabric structures to support your branding, distinguish and differentiate features and locations, and make your properties more marketable.

Our fabric shade structures can be imprinted with text such as “Office,” “Deliveries,” “Service,” “Exit” or whatever wording you need to identify locations or features or act as informational, directional or wayfinding signage.

Custom-made pole-pads help our structures complement the design and architecture of your facility while cost effectively providing added safety and protection for your inventory, vehicles and integrated mechanics and electronics against accidental damage.

While VPS products are not equipped with surveillance features, our structures can be designed, engineered and adapted to accommodate surveillance systems and wiring provided and installed by your surveillance vendor.

Lighting is a common consideration when choosing design styles and structure layout. While VPS products do not come equipped with lighting features, our structures can be specifically engineered and fabricated to accommodate wiring, fixtures and light sources provided and installed by your lighting vendor.